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Eddie Argos meets Tony Slattery in the latest Art Brut video

They say don't meet your heroes, but no one told us not to mess with superheroes. For so long now the Brut's Eddie Argos has been thinking about how he resembles comedy legend Tony Slattery (ever notice that on his Twitter bio?) and joking that they should make a video together, so we're psyched that it's finally happened! 

The video for 'Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too' includes cameos from Helen Love, Michael Legge and Rhi Lee, and it's one hell of a comic adventure. You can read about the shoot and watch it over on The British Comedy Guide >>here<<

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False Advertising Sign to Alcopop! We get excited!

We've only gone and signed the coolest three-piece in Manchester - False Advertising!

After various band member arrangements and ad-hoc instrument swapping, False Advertising have settled into one of the most exciting groups on the scene, and we're psyched to have them on board. We're getting goosebumps just thinking about their upcoming debut album 'Brainfreeze', out 8th November which you can get here.

This band is about connecting with people, but it’s also a very personal catharsis. With ‘Brainfreeze’, I really want people to feel like it’s inclusive. It’s not just our tirade against the world, we want people to feel welcome in the way they experience this band.” - Jen

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DZ Deathrays new material - and we're IN-TO-IT!

There's a new DZ Deathrays album and we are IN-TO-IT! ♡♡♡♡ Because this is the first cut from their brand new album, Positive Rising: Part 1... New look. Same killer shreds. Good news is that you can pre-order the new album Positive Rising on UK/Euro blue and gold exclusive vinyl (or CD/ shirt/ digitally) - but before you do that, why don't you take a look at the new video, stream the single - or just gaze longingly at DZ and allow them into your heart.... 

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Hellogoodbye and itoldyouiwouldeatyou unite - sing songs of love <3

Hellogoodbye, AKA our pal Forrest, is on a monstrous tour of the US, and much to our delight he's-a-headed to the UK for some shows at quite delicious venues, including the wonderful Bush Hall, King Tuts, The Sound House and Slam Dunk Festival. Perhaps the best thing about it too, is that he's taking our other most dearly beloved emo wonders - itoldyouiwouldeatyou - along for the ride. 

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Do not be afraid... Do not be alarmed... This is Dboy

This is a message from the Dboy Broadcasting Corporation, on behalf of the Performance and Recreation Council. Ahead of their upcoming UK takeover, Dboy has seized the means of control at Alcopop Records, ushering in a new era of sonic ingenuity and creative control. Without further ado, an introduction: Dboy play rock and roll, as rock and roll is what matters. In such serious times of aesthetic and creative austerity, Dboy stay focused on one thing: your pleasure through movement and sound. As part of this, Dboy is currently undergoing the laborious task of developing shock and awe through press and prose, so you don’t have to. Dboy’s reign of collective joy begins, but never ends with their thirteen point manifesto to end sonic austerity, which is studied closely by a group of exceptional individuals who give the boy their time and their money, and in return receive the yellow ascots and the black masks of a modern free world defined by weirdness and love – the Dboy Scouts. As Dboy takes over Alcopop records, rest assured that the time has come to tear off the shackles of aesthetic austerity, and to prove love through the exploration of the sonic avenues that lead over and around the fourth wall. Dboy is here and now.

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TOP OF THE ALCOPOPS PARTY IN LONDON - and you're all invited

When life gives you lemons, reimagine Top of the Pos, right?

So we're putting on a kicking party with our friends at The Dome/ Boston Music (17th May) and we'd love to invite you all. It's a big Friday night out essentially, but we're trying to pack a FESTIVAL full of fun into it by opening up both venues, and making this one great.

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itoldyouiwouldeatyou are Absolute Zeros

They're not you know, but still. It's the name of the single isn't it! So to celebrate departing on the road with our dear pals in Queen Zee, itoldyouiwouldeatyou have dropped an absolutely mindbendingly awesome video by the incomparable Chevy Blazer... It's so ace, and really dark as hell. So watch it, catch them on the road this week - or listen to the album ohdearism. It's all good!

They're playing live this week // FEBRUARY 12 Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club // 13 Bristol, Rough Trade // 14 London, Lexington // 15 Brighton, Hope & Ruin // 20 Glasgow, Garage // 21 Newcastle, Think Tank // 22 Nottingham, Bodega // 23 Manchester, YES

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Magical things happen at Christmas. Much as we all sometimes want to be a candy-cane-snapping, bauble-smashing, proper bah-humbug scrooge, there are certain events that just convince us that that jolly fella in a red suit (bold choice) really does have some tricks up his sleeve. We can’t help but think that this year the twinkle in his eye comes from the joy of knowing that a special show is happening!

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Kississippi is coming the UK - rejoice!

We love Kissississississ (if you just keep writing i's and s's you get there eventually...) We love Kississippi, even if her band name is hella hard to spell - but amidst the wonderful month of November, or tour month as we're calling it... Kagoule, Happy Accidents and Kississippi are all on big ol' mega-runs across the country, with plenty of our other acts playing lots of meaningful and wonderful shows all over!   

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Kagoule New Single Eating up Spotify, and UK Tour

What a nice summer its been, watching all sorts of Alcopop! heroes smashing up festivals (figuratively you understand. No literally. That would be annoying) - and from Nelson Can playing to 6,000 fans all singing along at Roskilde, to Happy Accidents selling out of EVERYTHING at Tramlines - thanks so much for turning out to see all our acts. Meanwhile in Nottingham-Land, Kagoule are getting ready for a brand new record, and the second single 'Egg Hunt' is out RIGHT NOW. 

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Happy Accidents are touring, and we're very excited about that!

HAPPY ACCIDENTS Announce New Album Everything But The Here And Now Released 16th February 2018 via Alcopop! Records (that's us!) - and to celebrate that, they're off on a little jaunt across the country to bring you hits, live, from the comfort of your favourite venue. You should go and see some shows. 

While you're considering which, take a look at the awesome new double video they released to tease a little bit of the new record. It's so good - perspective stuff, that makes awesome viewing. Just hit that old 'Read More' button b'there... 


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Alcopop! Party in Newport // Let's go Le Pub!

Basically - one of our favourite venues in the world is Le Pub in Newport. It's run by some sensational people who really give a shit about everything they put on. They pay the guarantees they offer (however many people turn up), they work with great bands, they help people out and they bleed for the local Newport community. It's the kind of venue we should all support. So we decided to move there for our Christmas Party. You in? 

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'tis true, 'tis true... The TIGERCUB boys packed out a seriously sweaty Dingwalls a few months ago, and now they're back in London at The Scala - and we're dead excited about it too!! 18th January is the date to ink into your diary for the big city show, but they're out on tour as well so don't fret. 

London tickets available Here.

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Alcopop! at Truck Festival with our pals at BSM

YEAHHHH - we're heading to Truck Festival (one of our absolute faves) with our pals BSM to get involved with a humungous takeover of The Nest Stage on the Sunday. You fancy face-melting hitmakers (check), wall to wall great bands (check), free-flowing booze (check) and even a fine silent disco set to round of the night - YOU GOT IT! 

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Freeze the Atlantic UK Tour

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