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Pay What You Want Class of 2020 Compilation and Shirt - with all money to CALM

In support of #WorldMentalHealthDay, your pals at Alcopop! have got together with CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) and all our wonderful bands to release a Pay What You Want shirt and compilation promoting mental self appreciation. Simply, it says 'You Are Fucking Ace' on the front, but printed backwards, so while it might confuse people looking at you, when you look at yourself in a mirror - you get the positive affirmation blazed right back at you... Basically, we're saying that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you. YOU are what matters, and if we can be positive about ourselves, we're winning :D Fancy grabbing one. Right here, pal

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Home Counties release Redevelopment EP - and it's a scathing litany of wonk pop perfection

Wonk pop unit Home Counties are an absolute tour de force. Put simply. One of the best new bands around, so it's no wonder they've been pirouetting merrily across everywhere you might trust for new music inspiration. "Ramshackle guitars dance around a series of weird and wonderful noises" say our pals at DIY, while Clash celebrate their "fizzing guitar-laden art-pop". How fizzy? Well take a listen to the EP to find out. While we dream of seeing them live - you can clothe yourself in fine shirts and furnish yourself with excellent vinyl right here. Do it <3 

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So you bought an Art Brut vinyl for Record Store Day!!! Awesome

You'll probably want to know who drew your sleeve. Well - kick on and you'll find out. Not every listing is complete. A few people wanted to remain anonymous and some don't have much of an online presence... But each of these was drawn by a real person, and they're all ace. As are you :D If you can, pop 'em a line - say hello. Oh, and thanks for buying. Enjoy! For us, this is the best version of Modern Art EVER. 

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Ditz debut vinyl release AND new single!

You've heard Ditz, right? Well. If you haven't may we earnestly suggest you should. We signed them back in the radiant summer of 2019 (when all was right*ish* with the world) and they're bloody brilliant is what they are. The Line of Best Fit went all cock-a-hoop about their last single ''imposing and unrelenting, vocalist Cal punctuates his deadpan, distracted delivery with passages of furious screams, mirrored in the track’s tense noise-rock aesthetic, as groaning guitars and a rolling drumbeat similarly erupt in pointed sonic assaults.' Well. Now they're releasing their first slab of wax, featuring their first 3 singles, one sassy new one  and an OUTRAGEOUS cover of Peaches' 'Fuck The Pain Away' - previously released on a moulding peach *true story* It's, at the time of writing, still available on pink vinyl <3

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Art Brut Historians Needed

It’s been a long time. Nigh on 17 odd years, since Art Brut launched their rock journey proper at the now defunct Verge in Old Kentish Town, and we think it would be fair to say that through a fine old handful of albums, a veritable cavalcade of shows across the globe and no end of controversial, ridiculous, beautiful and magical moments… Eddie and co. have bought feelings. Emotions. SOMETHING to a load of people. Perhaps you?

So, deep in the lair of team Alcopop! X Art Brut (imagine some kind of dystopian Hooch stall meets Mojo Jojo’s monstrous hideout) something awesome is deep in the planning. Something that may well fill you full of joy next year. It may not, but we’re giving it a go anyway.

To put it simply, we need your help!

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We've signed Gaffa Tape Sandy and there's a brand new cut! Check out Headlights

Have you heard the word pals? Raucous garage rockers Gaffa Tape Sandy have only bloody come on over and announced their signing to us (which is very nice of them) and have shared THIS pulsating latest single ‘Headlights‘, the first track taken from a forthcoming EP dropping this summer. It's all great news, and we're all bloody excited. Want to hear the hit? >>>

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itoldyouiwouldeatyou are Absolute Zeros

They're not you know, but still. It's the name of the single isn't it! So to celebrate departing on the road with our dear pals in Queen Zee, itoldyouiwouldeatyou have dropped an absolutely mindbendingly awesome video by the incomparable Chevy Blazer... It's so ace, and really dark as hell. So watch it, catch them on the road this week - or listen to the album ohdearism. It's all good!

They're playing live this week // FEBRUARY 12 Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club // 13 Bristol, Rough Trade // 14 London, Lexington // 15 Brighton, Hope & Ruin // 20 Glasgow, Garage // 21 Newcastle, Think Tank // 22 Nottingham, Bodega // 23 Manchester, YES

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Magical things happen at Christmas. Much as we all sometimes want to be a candy-cane-snapping, bauble-smashing, proper bah-humbug scrooge, there are certain events that just convince us that that jolly fella in a red suit (bold choice) really does have some tricks up his sleeve. We can’t help but think that this year the twinkle in his eye comes from the joy of knowing that a special show is happening!

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Long Live Freeze the Atlantic (in our minds anyway)

Oh Freeze the Atlantic. Truly one of Alcopop’s! longest-serving, and a bloody magnificent band full of 2 parts Reuben, 1 part Hundred Reasons – and (over the years) several other members from all over. If memory serves we started working with this lot in 2011, and it’s been a really nice time ever since. We kicked off with the Colour by Numbers EP (which came free with some crayons on every sleeve - natch), and in the ensuing years, put out 3 full-length albums, a couple more Eps and a slew of rather attractive shirts.

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DZ Deathrays hit no.4 in the Australian Charts

Bloody hell! More like Bloody Lovely though (i suppose), as the new DZ Deathrays album has only gone and hit the top 5 in Australia. I guess it's no surprise as it's absolutely brilliant, but in the very unlikely circumstace you haven't listened to it - please do me a favour and go do it now! 

I first saw this band on the end of the pier at TGE many years ago and they were ripping the room apart - a mass of sweaty bodies having the best time all emboldened with mega-riffs and exceptional explosions of melodic soundscape wonder. I made a vow to myself that night that one day we must sign them, and sign them we have... Finally - for album number 3 'Bloody Lovely' which, conveniently is the best LP yet, and out this very day!! You should definitely listen to it. In fact, go listen to it now. Or buy it on vinyl/CD along with a splendid shirt or two if you're that kinda person

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