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We've signed Derry's finest - hello CHERYM!

IT'S PRONOUNCED CHAIR-EM! :D And they're serving up a zingy, fearless new recipe for pop punk rock, Cherym are a three-piece from Derry in Northern Ireland with some seriously infectious songwriting credentials.

Taking influence from The Smashing Pumpkins, Bikini Kill, American Football, PUP and Pixies, the trio formed after meeting in college over a joint love of garage rock, pop punk and a desire to be the biggest band in the world.

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We've signed Queen Zee's new project - Introducing TOKKY HORROR!

Caution: If you've got a bout of seasonal summer laziness on, this will wake you the HELL up. We're very proud to announce the signing to the label of the sensational new Tokky Horror, AKA AVA AKIRA, MOLLIE RUSH & ZEE DAVINE (ex Queen Zee vocalist) - who bring a big ol' taste of punk rock, dance infused power tok to proceedings... First single is HUGE and out now. It's called Girl Racer, and we'd heartily suggest you listen to it immediately. There's going to be a lot happening with this band, including a headline show at the 350 cap Future Yard in Birkenhead to get excited about. Live music eh, remember that?

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I told you we signed BO NINGEN, right? BO NINGEN! What an insanely brilliant band. We're absolutely delighted to be releasing their new album 'Sudden Fictions' later in the year, and it will look *oh yes*... You know us. We do nice records :D But, to give us something fun to do in lockdown, the band dug out a host of previously unreleased rarities - and we linked up with some of the most magnificent musical tastemakers in town to showcase them all. Sound interesting? Read on... 

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We've signed Dream Nails - a hex on you if you don't check this out!

We're proud and delighted to have signed the awesome Dream Nails. Feminist witches from London hexing all in their path with an INCREDIBLE sound - all DIY meets punk meets surf pop with a little bit of thumping rock thrown in for good measure. First single Corporate Realness is out now, put out by us worldwide except the US where Tom Morello's (he of RATM fame) label are on board. It's truly awesome. Have a listen now and get involved. Launch show at OBL sold out in double quick time. This is a band to keep an eye on...

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Lomana Lua Lua X Panini Cheapskates X United Glasgow FC = THE BEST CHARITY COMPILATION!

It’s 17th September 2006, and right on cue at The Valley, Tresor Lomana Lua Lua is springing into his legendary 360 flip, Scott Carson’s despairing glove not enough to parry an uncharacteristically tepid effort from rolling into the Charlton net. It’s an inglorious but well-appreciated win, and while it fires Portsmouth temporarily to the pinnacle of British football, elsewhere in deepest Dorset on the way to End of the Road Festival in a barely legal family saloon, two scruffy indie kids punch the air.

That goal, and more directly the borrowed money that they’ve bet on the outcome of the game, has just paid for the first ever Alcopop! Records release.

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False Advertising Sign to Alcopop! We get excited!

We've only gone and signed the coolest three-piece in Manchester - False Advertising!

After various band member arrangements and ad-hoc instrument swapping, False Advertising have settled into one of the most exciting groups on the scene, and we're psyched to have them on board. We're getting goosebumps just thinking about their upcoming debut album 'Brainfreeze', out 8th November which you can get here.

This band is about connecting with people, but it’s also a very personal catharsis. With ‘Brainfreeze’, I really want people to feel like it’s inclusive. It’s not just our tirade against the world, we want people to feel welcome in the way they experience this band.” - Jen

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Do not be afraid... Do not be alarmed... This is Dboy

This is a message from the Dboy Broadcasting Corporation, on behalf of the Performance and Recreation Council. Ahead of their upcoming UK takeover, Dboy has seized the means of control at Alcopop Records, ushering in a new era of sonic ingenuity and creative control. Without further ado, an introduction: Dboy play rock and roll, as rock and roll is what matters. In such serious times of aesthetic and creative austerity, Dboy stay focused on one thing: your pleasure through movement and sound. As part of this, Dboy is currently undergoing the laborious task of developing shock and awe through press and prose, so you don’t have to. Dboy’s reign of collective joy begins, but never ends with their thirteen point manifesto to end sonic austerity, which is studied closely by a group of exceptional individuals who give the boy their time and their money, and in return receive the yellow ascots and the black masks of a modern free world defined by weirdness and love – the Dboy Scouts. As Dboy takes over Alcopop records, rest assured that the time has come to tear off the shackles of aesthetic austerity, and to prove love through the exploration of the sonic avenues that lead over and around the fourth wall. Dboy is here and now.

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We've signed Gaffa Tape Sandy and there's a brand new cut! Check out Headlights

Have you heard the word pals? Raucous garage rockers Gaffa Tape Sandy have only bloody come on over and announced their signing to us (which is very nice of them) and have shared THIS pulsating latest single ‘Headlights‘, the first track taken from a forthcoming EP dropping this summer. It's all great news, and we're all bloody excited. Want to hear the hit? >>>

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We've signed Raketkanon - and the Belgian heroes are releasing Ricky!

Good news! Raketkanon are one of the greatest live bands in the world. And on this new record they've just announced with us (#RKTKN3) they're perhaps even better... The Quietus said 'the phonetically and evocatively titled Raketkanon are the captains of a noise that lurches like the peaks and troughs of an angry North Sea' and by golly they're right. All lyrics are delivered in their own language so you can take what you want from them - and the songs *CRUSH*. Check out the first cut from the record, Ricky, and you can even pre-order the limited edition blue in clear vinyl. OUCH. 

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Signed a band, we signed a band... Look at us - we signed a band!!

Bloody hell! Weve signed Art Brut haven't we... There are some super days embedded like diamonds in the ever-sparkly emerald face of Alcopop! history (that's what we're calling it anyway) - and this is one of them. We can't TELL you how long we've loved this band, and the new material is the best yet... We PROMISE you. So Art Brut announced a first show back at Boston Music Room that sold out in a few hours, but The Garage is on sale too. Check out the debut single... Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out <3

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Kagoule join the Alcopop! stable...

What a year so far! Super excited to have them on board. We had a chit chat with the Nottingham trio to get to know them a little better.

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We have signed another great band: itoldyouiwouldeatyou !

We have added another cracker to the roster: the London based alt-punk-emo band itoldyouiwouldeatyou !

Read an interview with singer Joey Ashworth, get a feel for his vices and favs, as we go down the rabbit hole.

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We've signed DZ Deathrays!!

Yup. We've signed incredibly awesome legendary Australian rock heroes DZ Deathrays, and we couldn't be more excited about it!! And the band have immediately got the fuck on it, with an awesome seasonal anthem 'Shred For Summer' - and a UK/Euro tour coming up in but a few weeks. This is GREAT news for a million reasons, not least because they're the nicest people ever and they make the BEST music. Get along, and we'll see you at the front. 

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