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Home Counties release Redevelopment EP - and it's a scathing litany of wonk pop perfection

Wonk pop unit Home Counties are an absolute tour de force. Put simply. One of the best new bands around, so it's no wonder they've been pirouetting merrily across everywhere you might trust for new music inspiration. "Ramshackle guitars dance around a series of weird and wonderful noises" say our pals at DIY, while Clash celebrate their "fizzing guitar-laden art-pop". How fizzy? Well take a listen to the EP to find out. While we dream of seeing them live - you can clothe yourself in fine shirts and furnish yourself with excellent vinyl right here. Do it <3 

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Dream Nails album is sensational - and we demand you listen to it :-)

Sounds a bit OTT right, but this Dream Nails album is fucking essential. A big full explosion of feminist punk ragejoy endorsed by, well, pretty much everyone. Adressing vital issues, this album contains sick surf riffs, melody to die for and ALL the fun. Do it. Do it now.  

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Snow Coats shimmer back with yet more pop lovliness

You know when you hear that perfect song! The one that makes you want to go out, pass your driving test and hire/ buy/ borrow or steal (actually - probably don't do that) a car, purely so you can drive all of your pals around playing it to them with a knowing smile on your face all like... Yeah! This is the one. This is the band! Well, here are Snow Coats - a very new addition to the Pop roster and a bloody good one at that. Since bursting onto your speakers with Pool Girl, they've lauded attention from Jack Saunders (R1), John Kennedy (Radio X), Clash, Spotify, Apple Music, lodsa' BBC Intro stations, Kink - and it's easy to see why! 

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We've signed Queen Zee's new project - Introducing TOKKY HORROR!

Caution: If you've got a bout of seasonal summer laziness on, this will wake you the HELL up. We're very proud to announce the signing to the label of the sensational new Tokky Horror, AKA AVA AKIRA, MOLLIE RUSH & ZEE DAVINE (ex Queen Zee vocalist) - who bring a big ol' taste of punk rock, dance infused power tok to proceedings... First single is HUGE and out now. It's called Girl Racer, and we'd heartily suggest you listen to it immediately. There's going to be a lot happening with this band, including a headline show at the 350 cap Future Yard in Birkenhead to get excited about. Live music eh, remember that?

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Ditz debut vinyl release AND new single!

You've heard Ditz, right? Well. If you haven't may we earnestly suggest you should. We signed them back in the radiant summer of 2019 (when all was right*ish* with the world) and they're bloody brilliant is what they are. The Line of Best Fit went all cock-a-hoop about their last single ''imposing and unrelenting, vocalist Cal punctuates his deadpan, distracted delivery with passages of furious screams, mirrored in the track’s tense noise-rock aesthetic, as groaning guitars and a rolling drumbeat similarly erupt in pointed sonic assaults.' Well. Now they're releasing their first slab of wax, featuring their first 3 singles, one sassy new one  and an OUTRAGEOUS cover of Peaches' 'Fuck The Pain Away' - previously released on a moulding peach *true story* It's, at the time of writing, still available on pink vinyl <3

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I told you we signed BO NINGEN, right? BO NINGEN! What an insanely brilliant band. We're absolutely delighted to be releasing their new album 'Sudden Fictions' later in the year, and it will look *oh yes*... You know us. We do nice records :D But, to give us something fun to do in lockdown, the band dug out a host of previously unreleased rarities - and we linked up with some of the most magnificent musical tastemakers in town to showcase them all. Sound interesting? Read on... 

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We're re-releasing Art Brut's Bang Bang Rock & Roll on Gold Vinyl. TOP OF THE POPS!

Well that's nice eh. Working with our old chums at Fierce Panda, we've been lucky enough to be able to put out one of our very favourite records ever, Bang Bang Rock & Roll by Art Brut Remastered *on its 15th birthday*. It comes on gatefold gold vinyl, has a STACK of brutlegs and B-sides on the download card - and has a wonderful foreward from bloody Ezra Furman, which is worth the entry price alone if we're honest. Look, just buy it and if not completely satisfied well - I don't know what to suggest... A thorough soul cleansing?

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Record Store Day... (your) ART Brut

Record Store Day. So often referred to as the home of the major label reissue and the £19 one track 7”. But here in our little indie corner of the world we’re shaking things up. Shaking things up with a brightly coloured paintbrush. Here's John Cooper Clarke getting involved! 

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Dream Nails release Payback. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME

You best sharpen those talons hun, because punk witches Dream Nails are out to draw blood with new single 'Payback' and its powerful, energising visuals. This fearsome foursome aren't mincing their words in their new feminist anthem, calling out the appauling conviction rate in UK sexual violence cases.

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Never mind roses and chocolates, Dboy gave us the best Valentine's gift of all: their eagerly anticipated album 'New Records In Human Power' hit all platforms on Feb 14th.

This absolute romp of an album doesn't pause for breath and has taken Dan P Carter's away too. He quite rightly gave the record its dues on BBC R1 and is thus, an honorary Dboy Scout.

"This release is anti-fascist, anti-establishment and staggeringly pro-love" - Bring The Noise

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Cheerbleederz are BACK!

cheerbleederz are the best. That is just a fact. Which is why we're QUITE SO delighted that they're announcing their return with news of their second EP lobotany, which is set for a 7th February 2020 release on Alcopop! Records. Further details will be revealed over the coming months (look for them. Cast your eyes to the SKIES!). As a taster of the new material, the band have today released a new track ‘say 2 u’—the lead single from the new record, and the first to be written by the band since their 2018 debut EP faceplant. It's f**king GREAT!

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Lomana Lua Lua X Panini Cheapskates X United Glasgow FC = THE BEST CHARITY COMPILATION!

It’s 17th September 2006, and right on cue at The Valley, Tresor Lomana Lua Lua is springing into his legendary 360 flip, Scott Carson’s despairing glove not enough to parry an uncharacteristically tepid effort from rolling into the Charlton net. It’s an inglorious but well-appreciated win, and while it fires Portsmouth temporarily to the pinnacle of British football, elsewhere in deepest Dorset on the way to End of the Road Festival in a barely legal family saloon, two scruffy indie kids punch the air.

That goal, and more directly the borrowed money that they’ve bet on the outcome of the game, has just paid for the first ever Alcopop! Records release.

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Eddie Argos meets Tony Slattery in the latest Art Brut video

They say don't meet your heroes, but no one told us not to mess with superheroes. For so long now the Brut's Eddie Argos has been thinking about how he resembles comedy legend Tony Slattery (ever notice that on his Twitter bio?) and joking that they should make a video together, so we're psyched that it's finally happened! 

The video for 'Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too' includes cameos from Helen Love, Michael Legge and Rhi Lee, and it's one hell of a comic adventure. You can read about the shoot and watch it over on The British Comedy Guide >>here<<

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False Advertising Sign to Alcopop! We get excited!

We've only gone and signed the coolest three-piece in Manchester - False Advertising!

After various band member arrangements and ad-hoc instrument swapping, False Advertising have settled into one of the most exciting groups on the scene, and we're psyched to have them on board. We're getting goosebumps just thinking about their upcoming debut album 'Brainfreeze', out 8th November which you can get here.

This band is about connecting with people, but it’s also a very personal catharsis. With ‘Brainfreeze’, I really want people to feel like it’s inclusive. It’s not just our tirade against the world, we want people to feel welcome in the way they experience this band.” - Jen

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DZ Deathrays new material - and we're IN-TO-IT!

There's a new DZ Deathrays album and we are IN-TO-IT! ♡♡♡♡ Because this is the first cut from their brand new album, Positive Rising: Part 1... New look. Same killer shreds. Good news is that you can pre-order the new album Positive Rising on UK/Euro blue and gold exclusive vinyl (or CD/ shirt/ digitally) - but before you do that, why don't you take a look at the new video, stream the single - or just gaze longingly at DZ and allow them into your heart.... 

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We've signed Raketkanon - and the Belgian heroes are releasing Ricky!

Good news! Raketkanon are one of the greatest live bands in the world. And on this new record they've just announced with us (#RKTKN3) they're perhaps even better... The Quietus said 'the phonetically and evocatively titled Raketkanon are the captains of a noise that lurches like the peaks and troughs of an angry North Sea' and by golly they're right. All lyrics are delivered in their own language so you can take what you want from them - and the songs *CRUSH*. Check out the first cut from the record, Ricky, and you can even pre-order the limited edition blue in clear vinyl. OUCH. 

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Cheerbleederz release 'Staying Up Late'

Cheerbleederz are back, and the new video is literally next LEVEL! You can tell this track is ace, because Dexter at Spotify has splashed it liberally all over playlists and Clash said some SUPER nice things (as did many other people, but y'know - we can't share everything)..."Kicking off 2019 with a bang, the trio have sculpted a video for EP standing out 'Staying Up Late' and it's a superb, cute-as-hell intro to their world. The song itself is all nagging guitar lines, urgent vocals, and a snappy chorus, while the video emphasises that longing for communication and the simple pleasures music can bring." Well, quite... Click to bloody see it

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itoldyouiwouldeatyou 'Oh Dearism' album release!

Just like six twenty-somethings in Manhattan in the early 00s, we love spending time with our friends. Coffee shops, purple apartments, sofas by fountains… we just adore a good get together. So teaming up with our pals over at Failure By Design Records and the seven gorgeous humans of itoldyouiwoildeatyou has been a pure joy, resulting in the startling debut album Oh Dearism (out today!). 

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Kagoule ‘It’s Not My Day’ single, album pre-order, tour

Missed the bus, broke a shoelace, spilled coffee down your new Alcopop! Tee — best just to climb back into bed and accept your fate... while listening to the fantastic new single from Kagoule: ‘It’s Not My Day’ of course, and preordering their brand new record.

Another sweet sweet taste of their forthcoming (and now pre-order-able!) album Strange Entertainment, the trio prove that those ‘everything goes wrong’ days happen to everyone, and attempt to come to terms with reality in this latest offering. Cai mentioned in an interview with Clash Mag that at the time of writing the single ‘there were lots of changes happening...and I needed to remind myself to face up to them’.

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Art Brut ‘Hospital’ video, album, tour

Don’t teach your grandma to suck eggs. But definitely get her to watch a video about one, if she’s cool and likes a bloody good song.

Latest signings and long-time legends Art Brut have just dropped a cracking video for new single ‘Hospital’ in which a delightfully fragile ‘Eggy Argos’ reflects on poor lifestyle choices, and dreams of a healthy and carefree existence outside of a sterile, wipe-down environment.

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Kagoule New Single Eating up Spotify, and UK Tour

What a nice summer its been, watching all sorts of Alcopop! heroes smashing up festivals (figuratively you understand. No literally. That would be annoying) - and from Nelson Can playing to 6,000 fans all singing along at Roskilde, to Happy Accidents selling out of EVERYTHING at Tramlines - thanks so much for turning out to see all our acts. Meanwhile in Nottingham-Land, Kagoule are getting ready for a brand new record, and the second single 'Egg Hunt' is out RIGHT NOW. 

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Youth Man new EP up for grabs with London and NYC shows to celebrate

Youth Man are finally (it feels like bloody ages eh) back with a brand new EP and a headline show at The Lexington on Sunday to unleash it to you, the grateful (we imagine) and wonderous folk of The Good Ship Pop! It's called 5 songs, it sounds like a cataclysmic clash of everything that slays in this world, and it's available in very limited marbled 12". You bloody need it in your life... Did we tell you they were heading over to Afropunk in NYC to play that too? Well they are! 

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Reissuing Our First American Friends and smashing up a Tubelord test pressing

“Whatever you want to call that smashing up of songs and then stitching the bits back together, Tubelord do it, and they do it very well indeed” said the BBC… So when we were offered the chance to repress one of the greatest alt albums of a generation Our First American Friends, we thought we’d go for broke. Getting a pretty much priceless test pressing from Dave (Tubelord), we did the only acceptable thing, smashing it into many pieces and sending it to our pressing plant who pressed the fragments into the new records. Therefore – each of the special pressings (ltd to 250) have a piece of the original vinyl dusted into the discs in splatter form.

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New TIGERCUB beer created by Signature Brew to support headline shows at Scala/Concorde 2

To coincide with their upcoming dates at London’s Scala tomorrow (Thursday 18th January), and Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Friday (19th), Tigercub have announced their very own Signature Brew beer, which will be available at the gigs, and online from the Signature Brew store

“The beer, called Safe Mode, has a modern Belgian base with peppery spice coming through from the yeast complimented by the Chinook hops, which offer a little citrus and pine,” says the East London brewery. “The party piece though is the use of Sarsaparilla root in the brewing process which gives the beer delicate hints of vanilla, caramel, berries, and liquorice.” 

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Best of 2017/18 compilation and new shirt! (Pay What You Want)

Dearest folk. At this Christmas time, it's always good to reflect - and we really do wanna thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts who've been buying records, supporting the bands we're so lucky to work with, coming to our shows - and generally, being ace to independent music. So we decided on making this ol' new label shirt, and the best of 17/18 compilation - and making them Pay What You Want!  

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New Weirds Album


YES! Weirds have a new album and it's coming in May! There's a new cut from it up on Upset... Here's some things to note

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Husky Loops Drop New Single!

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