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Bandcamp recommendations from your pals at The Pop

In a bizarre year where Bandcamp have emerged as the unlikely digital sales platform heroes of the whole indie sphere, we wanted to ask some of the great folk in and around the Alcopop! world to recommend some excellent places to go to buy something brilliant. So we did. Have a look, have a listen and spend some cash if you've got it to go.... :D And if you don't find anything to your liking, you could always pick up those Ditz socks. Incredible!!! 

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Alcopop! 2018 end of year love note

What a nice year it has been, and through the standard peaks and troughs that a normal annual calendar will always bloody throw at you, there’s been a slew of delicious highlights, and our hearts are once again singing going into 2019. Hurrah! So in a self-indulgent fit of pique normally reserved for those people you don’t really like on Facebook, please indulge us (or immediately cross out of this page) in our love letter to the people of 2018… And a nice little personal reminder of what’s been Bloody Lovely in the world of Alcopop!

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New TIGERCUB beer created by Signature Brew to support headline shows at Scala/Concorde 2

To coincide with their upcoming dates at London’s Scala tomorrow (Thursday 18th January), and Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Friday (19th), Tigercub have announced their very own Signature Brew beer, which will be available at the gigs, and online from the Signature Brew store

“The beer, called Safe Mode, has a modern Belgian base with peppery spice coming through from the yeast complimented by the Chinook hops, which offer a little citrus and pine,” says the East London brewery. “The party piece though is the use of Sarsaparilla root in the brewing process which gives the beer delicate hints of vanilla, caramel, berries, and liquorice.” 

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