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In support of #WorldMentalHealthDay, your pals at Alcopop! have got together with CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) and all our wonderful bands to release a Pay What You Want shirt and compilation promoting mental self appreciation. Simply, it says 'You Are Fucking Ace' on the front, but printed backwards, so while it might confuse people looking at you, when you look at yourself in a mirror - you get the positive affirmation blazed right back at you... Basically, we're saying that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you. YOU are what matters, and if we can be positive about ourselves, we're winning :D Fancy grabbing one. Right here, pal

2020 has been the hardest year of a lot of our lives. It's been crazy out there, and between the likes of COVID, Donald Trump, a million cancellations and so many industries (music included) tumbling like a tonne of bricks - it's been tough. Really tough. Add in a horrendous peer pressure of enthusiatic types demanding this is the time to do everything we'd ever dreamt of [telling us all to be creative on demand], and the worries of friends and relatives... Our mental health is being battered.

So we've linked up with our class of 2020, and pals at CALM - who do incredible work leading a movement against suicide... To put out this Pay What You Want shirt in support of International Mental Health Day. It's a positive self-affirmation 'You Are Fucking Ace' - with the twist being that the phrase is in 'mirror' writing on the shirt, meaning it's pretty much nonsense to anyone staring at you - but blazes back self-positivity when you look at your reflection in a window or mirror or whatever (you can try if you hold the mock up to a mirror with a laptop :D). Vibe being, it doesn't matter what everyone else sees if we can focus on our own positivity.

If you fancy one, along with an 11 track compilation featuring the Alcopop! Class of 2020 (so much good stuff on here we promise you)... Pop on over our Bandcamp to preorder one (shirts will ship very late October). They're pay what you want so if you or a pal fancy a positive hit, you can get one *even if you're skint*. If you can afford more though, please do.. 100% of profits go to CALM, and will go to the very best place to help people who really need them right now

Most of all though. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being awesome. And in this weird world, let's stay positive and be good to each other <3