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To quote NME... 

"Dream Nails’ debut album has a spectacular opening; “I fear nothing and no one except the temptation to hold back,” vocalist Janey Starling and guitarist Anya Pearson proclaim fiercely. For a group that pride themselves on being “feminist punk witches”, it’s only fitting to kick off a record through a positive affirmation before walloping us over the head with a truckload of chaotic, pop-punk melodies." Sounds fair to us. You can pick it up on (very limited now) green/white vortex vinyl and CD over on our store, or listen on all your favourite DSPs. 

Tour rescheduling to come - but in the meantime Dream Nails are bringing the fun with a series of online House Partys. First one was Gig In A Box. More to come sooooon!