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In a bizarre year where Bandcamp have emerged as the unlikely digital sales platform heroes of the whole indie sphere, we wanted to ask some of the great folk in and around the Alcopop! world to recommend some excellent places to go to buy something brilliant. So we did. Have a look, have a listen and spend some cash if you've got it to go.... :D

First up, cheerbleederz, who reminded us that first and foremost, it's very important to be shouting out The Tuts and The Petrol Girls. Not only superb bands, but still raising money for their Solidarity Not Silence legal case - which you can find out more about here... 

Kathryn (cheerbleederz): Teenage Halloween from New Jersey who bring in all the VERY fun pop punk

Phoebe (cheerbleederz): Perkie from Bristol... Who has a gorgeous voice and amazing lyrics that make me tear up, but in a good way :D

Rhi (Alcopop! designer): Frauds from Croydon. One of the best bands you'll ever see live and SO much fun

Mariel (Best Ex): Diet Cig and most notably Tummy Ache. It absolutely hits me in the gut after tour after tour of being the only woman in a group of all men...

Anton (Ditz): Actually Metz are putting their entire discography up for 35% off, so I’ll say them - oh and Home Counties [good shout but no Bandcamp], plus JOHN who are dropping a re-run of a popular tee tomorrow which I'll probably buy. 

Jamie (Wall of Sound PR) has come up with a hattrick of options: Winter Gardens - Taking influence from 80's post-punk Factory & Creation-era bands, Winter Gardens have developed their own 'dream-punk' sound with all the ethereal haze of shoegaze & dream-pop combined with the energy of punk. A comforting warm bath of a debut record that hints at much bigger things to come. 

CLT DRP (also tipped by Luke): This delightfully vitriolic electro-punk trio from Brighton wear their feminist message and political activism proudly on their sleeves. Loud, experimental, heavy music with a vital message, that’s drawn comparisons to Rage Against The Machine, The Prodigy and Peaches. The band the entire world needs right now.

Lucy Feliz: Expressed through a hybrid of celestial folk-psych-fuzz and Lynchian nostalgia, Feliz plays with concepts of the psyche, archetypes, and identity on this beautiful autumnal record. Rich with the influence of New Zealand’s landscape and nature, it’s escapism at its finest; a cleansing deep dive into the subconscious that shimmers with rose-tinted longing.

Janey (Dream Nails): Screaming Toenail just released a new record, they're queer, anti colonial punk and their music is 🔥🔥🔥

Luke (Alcopop! A&R): Just put The Nighmares out on my (Luke) record label – its an absolute banger, if I do say so myself - for fans of Alkaline Trio, The Cure & Creeper

Daan (Snow Coats): Little Comets. this indie rock band is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and we've been fan of them ever since they released their debut album 'In Search of Elusive Little Comets' in 2011. New single is called 'Baywatch' which is absolutely worth the listen

Jimmy (Beach Riot): Vök! Theyre a trippy electronic pop Icelandic artist that’ll take your mind away to much nicer places then it possibly currently is.

Anya (Dream Nails): Brown Belt have had releases recently, and I rly like their music. It kind of reminds me of Velvet Underground and is quite poetic.

Jack (Alcopop!): Cherym are by far my favourite new band (non Alcopop! of course) who i've heard in AGES! Abigail is a BARNSTORMER of a single - one of those you could listen to 700 times in a row. Easy. 

Luke (Alcopop! A&R): PETSEMETARY and more specifically 'Get Away With It' - Got a copy of the beautiful pink vinyl of this and CANNOT stop listening!

Rory (Beach Riot): Dead Poet Society! They have a tune called “.swvrm.” That will absolutely blow your socks off! I’ve never heard someone with a bass make that sound before. You might have to dig a bit, I’m not sure that exact song is on bandcamp but it’s well worth the hunt.

Lee (Wall of Sound): Shut Up! Twist Again! The French punk rock scene consistently cooks up awesome melodic punk rock. Shut Up! Twist Again! have rustled up their own masterpiece in Slurring the Rhythms

Luke (Alcopop! A&R) I'm Really excited about the new Bitch Falcon record and I’m sure it’ll be all I listen to in a months time. In the mean time the singles are tiding me over nicely...

Mariel (Best Ex:) Everything Waxahatchee does has an infectious sense of introspection and tenderness. Fire is the first track I heard from the album and it instantly transported me back to driving through Tennessee in autumn and watching the leaves change... 

Rory (Beach Riot): And lastly a little shout out to our noisey, dissonant, heartfelt shouty Brighton pals Cutting Ties. One of the best live shows in town!

So there's something to get you started :D And if in doubt, we've always got yr back!! :D