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A testament to DIY music, WEIRDS are a fully immersive, musical experience. Hailing from Leeds, relentless touring and rehearsing in previous bands fueled the volcanic foundation to hatch their own breed of psych grunge. This soundscape, combined with their kaleidoscopic aesthetic, hand printed zines and curated live shows on the Leeds circuit has placed WEIRDS at the forefront of the West Yorkshire music scene.

Kickstarting a new chapter since signing with Alcopop!, WEIRDS have catapulted themselves onto a new level, with their debut album due in 2017… Announcing their presence with the tremulous ‘Valley of Vision’ supported by Huw Stephens, Dan P. Carter, VEVO, Upset and a stack more – they nail their colours firmly to the mast with an apocalyptic video matching the explosive alt-rock soundscape that has been winning fans and critics alike.

The song is about family, violence and religion, and the way these all seep into each other, so the lines become blurred. We wanted to it to be the flag-bearer at the front of the fucked up procession that is our album. The song is our crest of intent, us taking aim and limbering up - we’ve got you in our sights" says vocalist Aidan, and they sure do.

With an impressive set of notches on their collective touring post including Download, Tramlines, Handmande, 2000 Trees, Truck and Beacons festivals to name a few, they’ve been out as main support on tour with psych rockers The Wytches, and bring a tumultuous explosion to their live show. Quite simply, we guarantee they’ll be one of your new favourite bands the moment you catch them on stage.

Now armed with a full length debut to be reckoned with, a terrifying aesthetic championed by the exalted venomist Steve Ludwin - the WEIRDS nest is at bursting point, the band are hungrier than ever, ready to infest the UK.





Swarm Culture LP


ALCOPOP152 - FEB 2017