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Unapologetically self-deprecating, and equally wonderful - Tellison are, to put it simply, one of the most consistently brilliant bands in the country - who graciously decided to release their third album with Alcopop!

Believe it or not, it's their best yet... Just have a listen and tell us otherwise. Released to a hail of positive press and radio alongside a string of creatively awesome singles, which included polaroid photos, bowling shirts and hand-sewn tapestries, Tellison are truly some of the most wonderful people we’ve ever worked with.

Labels being labels though; we have to defer to the band where required…

They say:

Tellison is a four-piece waking-nightmare of a band from London, UK. Formed in 2005 out of a shared love of unsuccessful indie rock bands of the late 90s and early 00s Tellison have, to date, released three albums and a clutch of sold-out singles. They write imperfect songs about hope, loss, love and literature. Lead single "Say Silence" from 2011's sophomore album "The Wages of Fear" somehow managed to reference Shakespeare, Jacques Lacan, Bill Murray, Wes Anderson, John Donne and Tarantino in the same breath - not a huge number of people noticed.

Undaunted, Tellison geared up and released album number three, dusting off their guitars and referencing conventions and stepping up to take another swing at, if not the big time, at least the medium time.

And like Keanu Reeves says… Pain heals, chicks dig scars… Glory lasts forever! As will this band. Viva Tellison <3