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Since 2014, Zoe Reynolds has been making music under the Kississippi moniker, but the release of her debut full length Sunset Blush signals a significant change for the Philadelphia-based musician. Following a series of demo releases and EPs, including the 2016 standout We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed, Zoe Reynolds has finally found her voice, calling the album “an honest recognition” of the music she always wanted to make.

Lauded by bloody everyone in UK and across the pond including the likes of Pitchfork, NPR, DIY, Upset, Dork, BBC Radio 1, Radio X, The Guardian, TLOBF, Stereogum and so many more - Reynolds’ hushed but courageous soprano whispers tales that immediately nestle and lodge themselves in your heart. Words for these stories came to her during the most commonplace of everyday activities; situations like washing the dishes, filling the bathtub, or sitting on the porch late at night became a place of inspiration.

Recorded to voice memo and later brought to life at The Headroom with producer Kyle Pulley, Zoe wanted the songs to be as true to her nature as possible. And that desire for intimacy and sharing even the most painful of experiences with her listeners is etched and apparent in every note…. To put it simply, Kississippi is just sensational!

Cleverly written biog words aside and just being real for a bit, we're SO delighted to have been asked to work with Kississippi on this new record. It's just glorious really, isn't it? Not to mention the fact that we could get a slab of vinyl out that's going to look scintillating – and if you haven’t picked up one up yet, please do it if you get a chance. All pink and yellow splatter in clear 12” you’ll have very few better looking (or sounding) LPs in your collection.

When you look up the definition of the word “perseverance” you should see a photo of Philadelphia musician Zoe Reynolds. On her band Kississippi’s forthcoming debut Sunset Blush, out digitally April 6, Reynolds airs out all of her trauma and shortcomings just to subsequently knock them down later – so it’s no surprise she’s been effortlessly eating up the touring miles in the states on tours with the likes of Dashboard Confessional, Have Mercy and Foxing. Expect her in the UK sooooon.