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Ever signed your genuine idols? Well, after first hearing Helen Love via my good pal Dave (now a dog breeding wrestling pundit) when I was but a young lad, I fell in love with their glitterball, lo-fi punk rock genius - and after twenty-odd- singles, three EPs and seven albums, legendary Welsh indie bubble-gum- punks HELEN LOVE signed to us for their long-awaited eighth studio album, ‘Smash Hits’. It came on exquisite Summer Sunburst Super Kay 12” because, well, obviously! Following up with a wonderful Christmas anthem (starring Tim from Ash and proper awesome Welsh alumni) Helen also wrote a smash hit ode to Gareth Bale for the Euros…

Love rarely play live, but have recently headlined Indietracks music festival and played Primavera in Barcelona, announcing two special dates in London and Newport in support of the new record with another couple of surprises up their sleeve. Whether it’s celebrating the iconic star of the first wave of punk on the X-Ray-Spex-venerating rainbow-trash of ‘Thank You Polystyrene’ or fulfilling a more dark tinged, pulsing disco epic with the like of synth-driven Spaceboy, with the release of ‘Smash Hits’, Helen Love look set to continue their iconic cult appeal. Beloved of true independent music champions for years, generations of fans have finally discovered what it’s like to not be alone in the world; that there are other people out there who truly understand punk.

A seminal band and bona fide indie pop legends; they have an indie label track history that reads like a discography of the record collection you’ve always wanted - including the likes of Damaged Goods, Che, Wurlitzer Jukebox, Invicta Hi Fi, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Elefant and now Alcopop! The band have numbered the likes of John Peel, Steve Lamacq (who labelled them Welsh indie terrorists” and made almost all of Helen’s singles record of the week on his Radio One evening session show), Dave Gorman, Mark Radcliffe, Phil Jupitus, Everett True, Tim Wheeler (ASH) as fans.

Whatsmore, Joey Ramone himself – who was mercurial in terms of the band evolution, personally invited them to play in New York and sing with him on the Mr Punchy track from his last solo album. Do you need any more???





Gareth Bale


ALCOPOP140 - OCT 2016

Smash Hits


ALCOPOP135 - SEP 2016

Townhall Band Christmas


ALCOPOP130 - DEC 2015