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From the start, there was no half-measures for False Advertising. “We definitely had ambitions of making an album from the beginning,” admits Jen. Keen to keep things moving and in their control, conversation quickly turned to doing everything themselves. Which would be fine, if either of those guitarists had ever played drums before. “We were a bit over-confident,” admits Jen, but when has that ever been a bad thing? They’d dabbled with drums before but not with conviction, so they taught themselves their own songs. It’s where their instrument switching, role swapping live show came from. It also helped inspire the name. “It’s that fake it ‘til you make it approach to something.” Josh then came onboard to play bass, complete the lineup and “keep everything together.”

“No one was aware of what we were doing, we were doing it completely of our own volition and essentially in secret,” explains Chris. “That helped us find something more unique. So much has been done in guitar music over the past 80 years, we felt like we weren’t going to bring anything fresh or new to the table unless we really went on a journey of creativity with no pressure.” After over a year of working in the shadows, False Advertising emerged fully-realised with the gnarled, heavy hitter of ‘Wasted Away’ in March 2015. From that moment on it was full steam ahead. A string of singles led to a self-titled full-length demo being released six months after their initial unveiling. And then eight months after that, the band released the ‘Brainless’ EP. All urgent ambition and heavy promises, it demanded attention. And they got it.

Over the following few years, the band supported everyone from The Amazons and Idles to Everything Everything. They played SXSW, were invited by Robert Smith to play his edition of Meltdown festival alongside and put in appearances everywhere from Kendal Calling and Liverpool Sound City to South Korea’s Zandari Festa. The music kept coming, and so did the acclaim, with the band finding support from the likes of NME, Dork and DIY alongside Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio and many others. They also put on their own festival, or Falsetival, in Manchester. It’s been all go.

And the band aren’t slowing down for anything. 2019 sees False Advertising finally release their debut album, Brainfreeze via Alcopop! Records. And here it is!