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Power-trio Emperor Yes - London producer Ash Gardner along with Adam Betts of Three Trapped Tigers and Hugo Sheppard – released their debut album ‘An Island Called Earth’ via Alcopop! Records, and we had a bloody great time doing it. Fusing magnificent cosmic pop with an ear for an indie gem, the (lets be fair) sizzling supergroup even took time out to release a special COSMIC EDITION splatter vinyl – each containing sprinkled fragments of an asteroid, which crashed into earth during the 16th century. It trended on the front page of Reddit and sold out in a few minutes.

With the release of each single to-date the band have hosted art exhibitions with art inspired by the music (featuring some of the world’s most exciting street artists including Malarky, Mr Penfold, AIDA, and the Low Bros). The Low Bros are also responsible for the albums eye-catching artwork. Similarly this trilogy of Emperor Yes singles have been appropriately visualised: ‘Wasps’ was a paean to 80s VHS horror films and the “antpocalypse” (and subsequent revenge) was witnessed in ‘Cosmos’ – both directed by video mega-lord Chris Boyle (Call of Duty, The Who, Dizzee Rascal, Warp). ‘The End Of The World’ director Raul Gonzo (Enter Shikari, Thom Yorke, David Lynch) has the band playing a final house party as the world collapses around them, while guests act out roles of doomed animals.

Meanwhile, the resplendent QI Elves picked Emperor Yes to soundtrack their podcast (and latter BBC TV show) smash – and while the band have taken a bit of time out to have a baby, move to foreign bands and play drums for Goldie (!!!!) they’ll be back soon with the same levels of enthusiasm and wide eyed pop wonder that make you realise that fuck… Everything’s OK!





An Island Called Earth


ALCOPOP105 - OCT 2014