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El Ten Eleven has been two people making instrumental music from the start. Together Kris:an Dunn (bass/guitars) and Tim Fogarty (drums) have released six full-length albums, an EP, a remix record and a mixtape.

The process of El Ten Eleven has always been of reinven:on with each release, providing a canvas of sounds and singular execu:on to each album, track and layer.

There is something exci:ng about a duo, both for the band and their cult-like fan base. They create eloquently designed composi:ons, layers of augmented bass and drums that are stacked and sound like a quintet or, oGen :mes, an atmospheric orchestra.

As reinven:on took its course over the past 18 months, the band explored a variety of mediums for inspira:on, from films to orchestras to side-projects, and found the next colorant to add to its canvas: a guest vocalist. A risk and perhaps the deepest dye imaginable.

Instead of releasing a one-off track with a singer, Dunn and Fogarty decided to commit to a full extended-play release exploring the new sound.

“The search for the right singer was frustra:ng. There were a lot of people we tried working with who were really talented, but ul:mately not the right fit stylis:cally,” says Kris:an Dunn. AGer months of searching they found Emile Mosseri from New York, songwriter and vocalist of indie garage rock revisionists The Dig. “Not only does the natural sound of his voice compliment our music, but his work ethic and dedica:on are on par with our own. And his lyrics compliment our music perfectly.”

El Ten Eleven wrote and recorded with Mosseri and are very pleased to announce their first-ever vocal collabora:on release: Unusable Love. An EP whose four songs form an illustrated collage, merging El Ten Eleven instrumentals with vocals, to create a body of music en:rely unexpected.





El Ten Eleven Unusable Love



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