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It has been a short year since the dashing boys in white denim released their internationally acclaimed ‘Prove Your Love (Live! In Belem)’ to adoring fans, calling on a new age of aesthetic ingenuity, and tearing off the shackles of sonic austerity. After establishing temples of luv across the modern free world, and encouraging a new aesthete to the front of faceless crowds, a new future has caught the eye of the wolves on the hill.

It has become clear that to equate colours with chords is not fine, and that to allow subpar emotional cronyism to run rampant in such a tenuous time is a threat to all those with smoke so sensuously in their eyes. As such, and effective immediately, Dboy will be undertaking a presidential campaign to ensure that the performance and recreation council is not the exception, but the rule, and that the Dboy broadcasting corporation will ring through the ears of citizens across a world so long at war with forces of aesthetic depravity. To shape the three liberating words with free tongues is to acknowledge that it can get better than this, and we must believe that it will. More than a slogan, it is a force that will guide the hand to the heart, and the eye to the yellow ascots and focused, masked cheekbones of the heroes who built the fourth wall out of denim and satin. To move the heel is to move the hip, and to dance in this way is to acknowledge that the campaign will forge through the headwinds of human boredom, only to emerge bathed in love -- handsome and free. So say it slowly, and taste the words that will run past your lips, only to drip from your chin to your fist. Now place the fist on the heart, and say it with the reckless abandon that brought you here to witness true passion and power: DBOY FOR PRESIDENT.

Without baseless hesitation, Dboy will be releasing the anthems for the modern free world as a collaboration between the council and Alcopop! Records, thus turning a day of love into an international day of respite.