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Alcopop! has always been game for fun, so when we had the opportunity to work with our favourite podcasters to make them rockstars – we absolutely couldn’t say no. The fact that we were able to bring along Corey Taylor from Slipknot for the party was an ever added bonus.

QI is, to put it simply, a global institution - and Alcopop! Records are/were/still bloody are exceptionally proud to be bringing the jewel in the ‘Quite Interesting’ crown to vinyl for the first time. Party to over 1 million listeners a week, winner of the iTunes Best New Podcast 2014, recipient of a Chortle Award in 2015 and now with its own TV Show (No Such Thing As The News) which has been commissioned twice… The sublime QI podcast as written and performed by the QI Elves, who are the brains behind the popular TV Show.

So we put it out – on heavyweight black – and incredibly limited edition YELLOW vinyl (now long sold out and the stuff of hushed whispers around overladen tables in comedy clubs worldwide). And what a time it was! Boasting a full page in the NME, its own special on The One Show – the Elves got to fulfill another dream with a Q&A in Metal Hammer. The record also comes with 52 weeks’ worth of podcasts on the B-Side, so it’s bloody packed with hits…

Riffing on hilarious facts, comedic stars Dan Schreiber, Andy Murray (no, not that one), James Harkin and Anna Ptaszynski bring their favourite facts to the table and basically chat wit and wisdom about them, entertaining and delighting in one of the breeziest listens you’ll enjoy all year. Want to know what the Swiss Cheese Pervert was arrested for in Philadelphia, or why there’s a ski shop in the Sahara Desert? Well, this is for you...





No Such Thing as a Fish


ALCOPOP126 - NOV 2015