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It’s no lie that here at Alcopop! we’re literally fizzing with excitement to sign DZ Deathrays, and there’s literally no better way of describing the feelings of their new material than the biog provided by our pals at I Oh You about the first single we were delighted to be releasing – SHRED FOR SUMMER. So here it goes;

It’s exactly what you want it to be, sans dumbbells (sweat stained clothing optional). Just that promise of “how good you will feel after” entices you to dive in to this belter. Shred for Summer (and the general vibe of DZ Deathrays all round) starts out like any summer morning, with an almost psychedelic atmosphere, before Shane Parsons’ familiar scowling vocal smacks you right in the guts (in the best possible way), reminding listeners of exactly what they came here for.

This song is about shredding. Shredding steel wound nylon strings until your brain explodes. Fuck, DZ are about shredding… Being that exceptionally awesome, rock n’ roll band who fill the pit with sweat, the stage with riffs and just keep on releasing better and better songs until you’re left wondering… HOW DO THEY DO THAT!?

In factual biog stuff, DZ Deathrays are from Brisbane, and they’re the best Punk-Party band in the world. That’s all you need to know. Let your ears do the listening!